• John Grove

    Hey Kevin! Great stuff! Great minds think alike. I always get something from you, and I apprecieate all you do in the VO Industry! Rock On Kev!! Talk to you soon John Grove

  • http://www.howardellison.net Howard

    Sean, thanks for a great interview with Kevin Delaney – and for including the fun outro. He is living proof that being ‘true to yourself’ is worth a hundred MBAs in terms of real success, real wealth. Howard Ellison (Devon, UK)

  • Angela McEwan

    Hi Kevin,
    Enjoyed the podcast and the fun voices at the end.
    Angela McEwan

  • http://www.thevoiceactorguy.com Brent

    Great stuff Kevin, as a fellow entrepreneur and voice talent I agree whole heatedly with having the time to enjoy the fruits of your labour and your life.

  • George I. Tsiros


    Outstanding interview! As usual, you provide a wealth of information for those of us who live or wish to live the life of an entrepreneur. You are a great teacher!

    Gratefully yours,

    George I. Tsiros