Kevin Delaney: Voice Over Artist

Kevin Delaney, Voice Over Artists and TeacherKevin Delaney is a voice over artist in Los Angeles who also offers voice over lessons and coaching. Kevin discusses why actors and voice over artists must be entrepreneurs to survive in Hollywood, plus the philosophy behind his blog, The Wealthy Bohemian.

  • John Grove

    Hey Kevin! Great stuff! Great minds think alike. I always get something from you, and I apprecieate all you do in the VO Industry! Rock On Kev!! Talk to you soon John Grove

  • Howard

    Sean, thanks for a great interview with Kevin Delaney – and for including the fun outro. He is living proof that being ‘true to yourself’ is worth a hundred MBAs in terms of real success, real wealth. Howard Ellison (Devon, UK)

  • Angela McEwan

    Hi Kevin,
    Enjoyed the podcast and the fun voices at the end.
    Angela McEwan

  • Brent

    Great stuff Kevin, as a fellow entrepreneur and voice talent I agree whole heatedly with having the time to enjoy the fruits of your labour and your life.

  • George I. Tsiros


    Outstanding interview! As usual, you provide a wealth of information for those of us who live or wish to live the life of an entrepreneur. You are a great teacher!

    Gratefully yours,

    George I. Tsiros