Greg Harrison, DVM: Harrison’s Bird Foods

Dr. Greg Harrison, Founder of Harrison's Bird FoodsDr. Greg Harrison is the founder of Harrison’s Bird Foods, a company that has been producing high quality organic bird food for over thirty years. ¬†Dr. Harrison discusses formulating his product, growing his business in a declining market, as well as what it’s like to run a family business.

  • John Wildeman

    Dr. Greg was my birds vet when he was operating of of a little office in Lake Worth Florida. He was ( and probably still is) one of the most gentle, kind, and knowledgeable avian vet I have ever met. My cousin became a vet and when I told her Dr. Greg was my vet, she said..” Wow, he wrote the book on being an avian vet.” Back then he was selling his pellets in a ziplock plastic bag and got me to feed my bird his pellets. He also diagnosed my first bird with Psittacosis, and saved me but I lost the bird. I used to bring him and all his office people Lobster when I would come back from the Bahamas. I still feed my bird Dr. Greg’s food and she will most likely outlive¬† me.
    Greg, if you read this, I hope it finds you in good health and happy. I think of your little office on Lake Worth Road often..